POS RFID, Business Energy Audits, Point of Sale & Web Design/SEO, Golf Systems

About Us

We work with companies to improve their bottom line, this could be by increasing traffic via their website, or reducing costs of their electricity. We will try find the problems and see if we can come up with solutions for your business. When you don’t have time, contact us for a solution.

PressF5 is a global professional one stop business solution that provides dedicated customer focused services. Head office is based from Beautiful Brisbane Australia.

We specialize in adding value to your business by some of the below services.

Commercial Electricity Audits
Website Development
RFID Equipment (SwiftPOS Compatible)
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Logo designing
Google marketing
Software development
Cloud based software packages
Online shops and E-commerce
Web Hosting, and domain reviews

We recognize that the business world is expanding at an exponential rate and more companies are favoring business models that incorporate the growing capabilities of the Internet. By “refreshing for the future” we are carefully considering each business as its own entity, and one with a unique personality. By carefully tailoring your business’ site to capture the true feel of your company’s brand and functions, a site becomes much more than just a page with pictures and words – it has its own human touch and emotional appeal

We offer our clients attractive new media Web Design solutions, website development and marketing tools to gain a wider customer base. Organizations and businesses, large and small, are taking advantage of the seemingly limitless marketing potential the Internet offers.

PressF5 undertakes to give your business the stylish and professional look it needs to succeed in the web environment.

We provide technology strategies, system designs and architectures, applications implementations, and managed services.

We recognize that every small business begins with a dream and a passion to succeed. We realize that it also takes a great deal of time and energy to make that dream a reality. We’re here, to help your businesses succeed.