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Kids Online BJJ

Kids Online BJJ

New Client – Kidsonlinebjj.com has come on board.

This is a project of a North Brisbane local, he has a passion for training kids in Brazilian Jujitsu they had started their web journey but lacked the the knowledge to get what they needed out of the square/weebly platform. PressF5 has enabled kidsonlineBJJ.com to get their membership and payment platforms up and runing using their existing weebly/square space platform.

Matt was looking for someone to provide an honest local and cost effective solution.


PressF5 having not used the weebly platform before have quickly gotten up to speed and delivered a solution with the methods available in that platform.

Due to a great experience the owner of kidsonlinbjj.com is now keen to explore expanding the PressF5 offering by looking at other business ventures he is involved in.

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