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SEO Website project – PressedDelivered.com.au

SEO Website project – PressedDelivered.com.au

Just started an SEO website project with https://presseddelivered.com.au should hopefully help Ash & Alice achieve the results they were hoping for from their website & app.

“Alice said it was so refreshing to have PressF5 take over and sort out the website, we simply didn’t have the time to focus on this and it needed to be done, the SEO of the site has helped achieve some excellent traffic results we were totally missing. We just didn’t know enough and the team at PressF5 was on top of it straight away”

SEO website project – Initially have found that their website was not setup correctly, SSL certificate errors have been preventing Search engines being able to visit the site. Or even customers. Hosting errors, incorrect setup of wordpress and just lots of small items to hinder or prevent SEO to work for the customer.

SEO Website Project

Google analytics needed to be setup and some plugins removed, this SEO Website project is proving to be a great sucess for the client and for Pressf5. We look forward to a long relationship and success together.

PressF5 has examined items in further detail, and has identified potential roadblocks and bottlenecks most commonly associated with the website development life cycle. This is allowing the website now to flow better and be crawled by the search engines. Website developers are not always quite as savvy as SEO practitioners when it comes to creating websites that perform well in the SEO arena. Even though development requires a set of technical skills, different technical skills are required for SEO. 

If you need a SEO completed in Brisbane or work done for you business please make contact us today, we will be happy to have a look at your site and make an assessment from there.

Did you know PressF5 doesn’t just do SEO we offer Energy/electricity reviews, POS audits and over all business systems reviews.

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